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Available Horses


Cee Heart Leo Lee 2013 AQHA Chestnut Gelding

"Chief" Stands a stout 14.3-15 hands tall. This is the best broke gelding that has come through our barn in a long time. He is a tried and true ranch gelding that has done everything there is to do. He has dragged calves, doctored cattle, and so much more. He has the potential and the training to be a cutter, arena rope horse, ranch versatility horse, and so much more. This gelding is as broke and correct as you could ask one to be. He never gaps his mouth or raises his head. He side passes, picks up his leads, has a slide stop, and a good handle. You can open and close gates with ease. Chief rides quiet enough for inexperienced riders to trail ride, but is broke enough for even the most experienced horseman to use and enjoy. He loves attention and is always the first to greet you at the gate in the mornings. There are not geldings like this on every corner, Chief truly is a top notch gelding that could take you to the top.

Asking $18,500


Gem Blue I Jac 2015 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

"Jax" stands 14.2-14.3 hands tall. This young gelding is as soft to ride as you could ask one to be. He has smooth gaits and rides correct. He has a slow handle, good stop, and picks up his leads. He rides anywhere you point him. Goes through mud and water no problem. Rides good alone or with others, nothing phases this guy. He has a great personality, loves attention, is easy to catch, and a pleasure to work with and ride. 

Asking $7,500

Gem Blue I Jac's Video


Mr Rinestone Pep 2009 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

"Jumbo" stands a STOUT 15.3 hands tall. He weighs approximately 1450+ pounds. This big gelding is gentle to ride. He was used on a ranch most of his life, but has spent the last few years as an extra horse for guests to ride. He will go through mud and water without hesitation. He will make a great horse for both english or western riding. He is pretty enough to hit the show ring on the weekends. Regardless of where you take him, he is sure to get you noticed.

Asking $8,500


Hesa Gold Fool 2006 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

Stands a stout 15.1 hands tall. This big buckskin gelding is gentle to ride and will go anywhere you point him. He pick up his leads in the arena. He is athletic and will make a fun trail horse or competition horse for mounted shooting, barrels, etc.

Asking $6,000


Limensalt 2011 AQHA Bay Gelding

"Salty" stands 15.1 hands tall. He has been owned by the same man his entire life. He has done every aspect of ranch work there is. He has dragged calves and doctored cattle. He picks up his leads, has a good handle, and a good stop. He is gentle to ride and will do anything you ask of him. 

Asking $5,500


9 year old roan paint gelding

stands 15 hands tall. This flashy roan paint gelding is gentle to ride. He has a little handle, picks up his leads, and has a good stop. He loves attention, is easy to catch, and a pleasure to have around the barn.  He rides anywhere you ask him without hesitation, will go through mud and water. rides down the road with no issues. He will be gentle enough for anyone to ride and will make a wonderful addition to anyone's family.

Asking $6,500


Gator 6 Year Old Grade Dun Gelding

Gator stands a stout 15.1 hands tall. This big dun gelding loves attention and will follow you anywhere to get it. He is easy to catch and always the first to meet you at the gate. He has been a ranch horse all of his life. He has a good handle and big stop. He will open and close gaits, cross mud, water, logs, and whatever else is in his path. He is gentle to ride and has extremely smooth gaits.

Asking $5,500 SOLD!

Gator's Video


Justice 5 Year Old Grade Sorrel Gelding

Justice stands a stout 15 hands tall. This gelding was born and raised at the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville TX. He has been used in the control and movement of inmates, and has also been used in the prisons cattle operation. He will work a rope and pull from the horn with no issues. He is handy broke, picks up his leads, has a good handle, and a big stop. 

Asking $6,500