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Available Horses


Gucci 10 Year Old Grade Dunalino Gelding

Gucci stands 14.3 hands tall. If you want to stand out in a crowd here is your guy. Gucci will get you noticed anywhere you take him. He is gentle for anyone to ride and will go anywhere you ask him without hesitation. He would excel in the show pen on the weekends and trail ride you all week long. He has smooth gaits, picks up his leads, and has a huge stop. 

Asking $6,500


Maverick 15 Year Old Grade Grulla Gelding

Maverick stands 15 hands tall. He has been used in the rope pen to head and heel as well as been ranched on. Recently he has been used in a roping lesson program teaching kids how to rope. He is gentle to ride. You can open and close gates off of him. He has a good handle, side passes, and has a good stop. Maverick loves attention and is easy to catch. He is a pleasure to be around in the barn. Maverick would make an excellent jr high/high school rodeo horse. 

Asking $6,000


Buckys King Wimp 2004 AQHA Black Gelding

"Carson" stands 15.1 hands tall. This gelding has been used on a ranch all his life. He picks up his leads has a big stop, and a good handle. You can open and close gates on him with ease. He has roped and doctored cattle and dragged calves to the fire. You can rope and step off and he will hold whatever is on the end of your rope. He is gentle to ride and would make a great gelding for anyone. He is not spooky. He has been ridden down the side of the highway, through mud and water, over logs and rocks. This guy has been there done that. He is safe and gentle for anyone to ride, but still plenty of horse for a cowboy or someone wanting a performance horse. Do not over look this gelding.
Asking $8,500 SOLD!


Yeller 11 Year Old Grade Palomino Gelding

Yeller stands a stout 14.2-14.3 hands tall. He has been a cowboys horse all his life. He knows a days work and isn't afraid to work all day. He has been being used to rope and doctor yearlings and wheat pasture cattle. He is gentle to ride, but is athletic and not for a total beginner. He only does what you ask of him, but he is willing to go when asked. He picks up his leads, has a good handle, and big stop. You can open and close gates off him, has super smooth gates and the nicest short lope. Yeller loves attention, you can catch him anywhere and is an absolute pleasure to have around. Asking $5,500


Mc Leo L 2013 AQHA Dun Gelding

"Leo" stands 14.3-15 hands tall. This is one fancy made athletic gelding. He was started as a ranch horse and been used on cattle. He rides correct has a good little handle, picks up his leads, and has a good stop. He is soft in the mouth and will not be for a beginner, he is gentle to ride, but is responsive. He will make a wonderful performance horse or trail horse for someone that wants to have fun on the trails. 

Asking $5,500


Pony 7 Year Old Grade Chestnut Gelding

Pony stands 13.3 hands tall. We bought this gelding from a 7 year old cowboy. Pony has been heeled and calf roped on. He has been used in sale barns penning and sorting cattle, all by his little cowboy. If you are looking for a solid safe kids horse Pony is your guy. He has been there done that and done it all again, with just a little boy on him. He is big enough for an adult to ride as well. He has a good handle and a big stop. You can open and close gates off him. He goes anywhere you point him without hesitation. He will make a wonderful lesson horse or just a family horse. He likes attention and is a pleasure to be around. You can't find ponies this good, he is worth his weight in gold. If he doesn't sell he will stay here for our daughter to ride when she's old enough.
Asking $10,000


Cajun's Zydeco 2006 Registered Saddlebred X Thoroughbred Gelding

Zydeco stands a big 16 hands tall. He has competed through first level dressage and training second level. He is lifetime registered with both the USDF and USEF. Zydeco will also trail ride without an issue. He loves attention and is easy to be around. Asking $4,500