Anna Florentis & Gabby 2017

Dear Dan and Alona , our experience buying Rebel (formerly known as Chisholm) from you remains the beat horse shopping experience for our family. There is no one who meets Rebel that doesn’t offer to buy him and no one who sees Gaby and Rebel together that doesn’t agree there was never a better match between horse and little girl. We appreciated your expert assessment on what we needed for our daughter and your honesty that while you believed the horse to be a good kids horse you had no knowledge of him ever being ridden by a kid and told us you would be there to support us and take him back if it didn’t fit. We are so happy it fit. Rebel is worth his weight on gold. He remains a partner and confidence builder for Gaby. Even when she tripped and fell in front of him while he was mid stride, he held his foot up calmly until we got her up from under him. What could have happened is unthinkable but Rebel has the best mind and he is a wonderful first horse for Gaby and we will never let him go. I would trust buying another horse from you any day and appreciate your ongoing support and friendship. Thank you for finding us the perfect horse!


Melissa Williams 2019

I bought my very first horse from Dan back in July.  The experience was wonderful! I’ve always loved horses so after taking enough lessons I was ready for my own.  I went to visit Dan with my daughter and trainer.  They were incredibly kind and knowledgeable.  They showed us what horses they had that would be good for the level I was at and where I wanted to be.  We instantly knew Phoenix was the right fit (formally known and registered as Somethinboutobvious).  Phoenix was not only perfectly halter and trailer trained, but I’ve yet to discover something he can’t do. He is easy to catch and tack up. He loves speed, so I see many speed events in our future! He keeps me on point and I love it. Phoenix has taught me so much and continues to every day.  We plan to start some shows this year and man is he pretty to watch! He can collect, side pass, pivot, lead change... you name it! So it’s been a dream for me and fun learning experience.  I can’t thank Dan and his team enough for helping me find the perfect horse.  I appreciated their honesty and making sure I got my perfect match. I have 3 children and Phoenix is great with them.  If you’re looking to trail ride or do any sort of event, Dan will have exactly what you need.  I can’t send a big enough thank you!


Christine Kozsey 2019

Mr. Post sold me tank. He's perfectly fit in our family. He is happy healthy and beautiful. Thank you mr post for everything.


Ralph Soto 2018

If you want a long time equine partner please buy a Signature Horse from Dan post he provides the best equines from west Texas to Florida and he works real hard to only provide the best equines for the public to enjoy you won’t Regret it so get it !!!!


Amanda Connerton 2019

We bought Pops for our kids this last summer and we couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. He is exactly what was advertised, as calm and patient and obedient as he could possibly be. He takes fabulous care of my littles both in the saddle and on the ground, my four year old can lead him aimlessly all over the farm and he just follows him as patient as a saint. They are learning so much from him. Our purchase process was easy, all questions were answered in full and with honesty, including negative things, and he was even delivered right to our farm for us. A great seller to work with.


Megan Powell 2020

Dan made me a great deal on my dream horse. Gilmore (originally Sammy) is my new best friend. He is perfect in every way. Thank you to Dan and his wife for helping my dreams come true!


Joel McCall 2019

From the first time we came across Dan Post’s website and considering our purchases we knew buying horses from Dan would likely be an out of the ordinary experience in all the right ways.
Having 6 riders aging from 4 to 50 with many different experience levels, Dan had his work cut out. He was extremely gracious and patient and hosted our family for a full day of riding and feeling out different horses to suit each rider. From the moment Dan told me his chief goal was rider safety and ensuring he put the right horse with right rider I knew we were in the right place. On our original visit we were able to find 4 top quality horses that have proven to be everything he presented them to be. Dan then set out for us on another purchase trip to find us exactly what we wanted and he came through with flying colors with two more. Unlike others we visited Dan did not pull any punches or try to sell us horses with marketing or professing them to be anything they were not. The care, prep, advice, delivery, and follow up process Dan has is world class and shows he truly takes pride in and knows his business and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking their dream horse. 

Danny Crocker 2019

Just wanted to say what a great experience I had with Dan Post. I was looking for a quarter horse and spoke with Dan through Facebook and on the phone. I drove a few hours north to see what Dan had available and a few other stops to look at other horses. After a couple of long talks, Dan warned me that at the moment he didn’t have a good fit for me... but I heard so many good things about him and his horses that I had to stop by anyway.
I surprised Dan by stopping by and he was super polite and took a couple of hours out of his day to talk with my daughter and I. Showed me the ranch and his horses. He could have pressured me into buying something that he had but he’s not that kind of guy... he wouldn’t think about selling me something that wasn’t right for me and promised me he would find me a great horse the next time he picked some up.
I ended up buying a horse the next day from another person and have no regrets about buying him but when I’m ready for the next one or if anyone asks me about horses for sale, Dan would be my first choice hands down.


Earl Kerr 2019

‘This picture says it all. I looked at a lot of horses wanting to find one that would fit my needs which were a trail rider for myself and one that my grandkids would be safe on, not as easy a task as I thought. I grew up with horses but it had been 40 years since then. By pure chance ran a cross Dan’s post. My very first conversation with Dan I knew I found the person to fit me with the right horse for me. He asked all the right questions and had the answers for mine. Dan set me up with With the perfect horse. We named him Captain Rodgers because of his CR brand and call him Cap for short, the grands love it. I could go on an on about my experience with Dan an his wife but I will just say best experience in the world and would deal with Dan post horse sells anytime in the future as well. Thanks Dan!


Lauren Hensley 2019

I recently purchased our first horse Red from Dan. We told them what kind of horse we were looking for and after a trip to Texas they found us the perfect gelding for me. He's everything I asked for and more, the sweetest and most level headed gelding. Would highly recommend.